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Transport Support

Transport is an integral part of everyday life, and building independence is a common NDIS goal.

If your disability makes it hard for you to get around, but you would like to overcome these challenges and travel independently, we can provide transport to help you get to wherever you need to go, whether you need to go to your workplace, attend medical appointments, visit a family member, attend social events or going shopping. Each of our plans come with competent professionals who will be well-informed of the places you need to travel to or frequent. Furthermore, you would have support regarding medication and self-hygiene if required while being transported. We are determined to prevent disability from getting in the way of living the life you want. This is why we offer personalised transport support as one of our core services.

What We Offer

  • Support in attending family and social events
  • Support in appointment attendance
  • Support to and from work/study place
  • Support with accessing the community
  • Support with hygiene care
  • Support with shopping